In all areas of Industry there is a constant requirement to conform to a wide range of Health and Safety standards with the aim of preventing accidents and improving or maintaining high safety records within the workplace.

Our own formula Thermedia anti-slip offers the solution for a wide variety of applications where other products have fallen short of the mark.

Our USP lies in the fact that we can incorporate any advisory/warning messages, letters, numbers, logos etc, WITHIN the matrix of our Thermoplastic treatment, thus maintaining the anti-slip properties throughout the lifetime of the product., and we currently have patents pending on this treatment for the UK , Europe and USA.

Checker plate.

One of our most popular requests is for the treatment of existing checker plate steps/ walkways and fire escapes, which have serious safety issues especially under wet or greasy conditions.

Our experienced staff, equipped with full PPE, installs our treatment with the absolute minimum of disruption to your normal working day (or night), and because we do not have any long curing or drying time, in most cases a typical treated step/surface is usually ready for use within 5 minutes of application.

Traffic Routes & Pedestrian Routes Demarcation.

BY LAW, traffic routes must be suitably indicated where necessary for reasons of health or safety.

Full coverage anti slip walkways or tram track walkways with the “walking man symbol” are installed again with the minimum of downtime and disruption. Please click on extracts from HSE for the laws and guidance

Road Markings.

We can supply and install all your road marking requirements from Zebra crossings, to standard traffic markings, parking bays etc , and our high grade thermoplastic anti-slip will offer you considerable cost savings over regular painted surfaces. Please click on extracts from HSE

Dock levellers/Weigh bridges.

Most of these are manufactured with a checker plate surface, with the resultant serious problems associated with FLT and pedestrian slippage.

We can apply full coverage Thermedia anti-slip to these surfaces and incorporate bay numbers/letters/logos etc, within the treatment.

We have patent pending on this treatment

Thermedia anti-slip is applied by heat bonding directly to almost any exterior hard surface, including concrete, steel, wood decking, tarmac, block-paving, so give us a call now for a free site survey, naturally under no obligation