The Material

Our Thermedia Anti-Slip Thermoplastic material has been especially formulated and SATRA tested up to a million cycles and fully conforms to BS7976-2 making it the most durable thermoplastic Anti-Slip treatment for pedestrian traffic available today.

Further testing of the material saw our thermoplastic out perform any current anti-slip products resulting in it's increasing popularity for all areas and surfaces prone to slip problems especially on checker plate, worn or smooth concrete, wood decking, tiled surfaces, aluminium ramps etc.

The main two differences between Thermedia's Thermoplastic product and that of other Thermoplastic product are simply; better surface adhesion due to its formulation and the ability to apply a variety of different high friction aggregates at the time of installation.

Traditional anti-slip treatments such as anti-slip paints, tapes etc whilst providing an initial solution, are simply not as durable as thermoplastic, resulting in repeated applications, and the additional expense and disruption that this can cause.

GRP nosings and plates whilst durable can often prove to be expensive and being non flexible have many restrictions as to where they may be applied, and of course they do not have the capability to include messages logos etc.

The Thermedia Thermoplastic Anti-Slip Product however is flexible on installation, retains its Anti-Slip properties throughout its life, is easily manufactured to any design, is available it 20 different colours, and can be applied to almost any surface substrate, and most important of all, it is a very cost effective solution.

Conforms to BSEN 1871
Conforms to BS7976-2 Anti-Slip
Lead and Chromate Free
Lasts up to 10 times longer than paint
Environmentally Friendly
Colourfull with high UV resistance
Special colours available on request
Available in 20 colours
Easily shaped to create almost any logo, decal or sign

The Thermedia Thermoplastic Material is without doubt the best and most durable thermoplastic on the market today.

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